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Failure is OK

Needless to say, a future genius can also fail at the Olympics? And not even the future, but the present! Nerves may affect, may not be lucky with the task, the stars may simply not converge. But this is not the end of the world and not even a “ruined life”!

Schoolchildren go through many psychological changes, so it is difficult for them to cope with emotions. If they were told: either victory at the Olympics, or “free cash”, then their world will simply collapse from a bad result. So the whole family needs to be prepared in advance for such a result - and have a plan "B" at hand.

If the child failed the Olympiad in the 11th grade, then you need to quickly switch to the exam. In this case, you need to use the paper writer from and then you can achieve a good result in the exam. And if earlier, then work out your mistakes and prepare for a new race. In the summer, enroll in subject schools and additional circles. It happens that for some time after the failure, the child never wants to do this at all in his life. This is a classic: “Everything! I throw. I'm leaving!" We need to give time and return to this when the bitterness of defeat subsides.

In our work, we adhere to the test & learn approach - “try and see the result”. If everything works out and we are satisfied with the results, we continue to work. In case of failure, we will analyze the reasons and try in a different way. It is important to accustom the child to this approach from childhood. Then he will not be afraid of mistakes.


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