Kalaya's Story

A place to call home

After years of hosting private parties and catering special events large and small, Nok Suntaranon set out to find a space of her own.


In January of 2019, Kalaya found a home in Philadelphia's Bella Vista neighborhood. 9th and Catherine, in the Italian Market, seemed the perfect place to set-up shop and share some traditional Thai recipes with the Philadelphia locals.

What's in a name?

Nok’s mom, Kalaya Suntaranon, is the inspiration for not only the name of the restaurant, but also for the love and care that goes into each dish.


Kalaya is the simplicity in the cuisine, the high level of attention in each item's preparation, and the fresh selection of seasonal ingredients. 


Each dish comes from home. Each meal is a memory prepared in mom’s kitchen. Each visit is like spending time with a good friend.

Kalaya Authentic Thai Kitchen